Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Oak Barrel Company

WOOSTER--Among other new and on-going projects I recently edited this short film/commercial for my friend Chris Deffenbaugh. Chris is the owner, founder and artist behind the Oak Barrel Company (, a business that he began some years ago. Chris began taking reclaimed whiskey and wine barrels and turning them into various pieces of furniture. Some are fairly straightforward--a barrel with a door and shelves or a wine-rack inside. Other pieces include benches made of the staves which have a lovely Asian feeling. Chris also takes various pieces of industrial salvage--huge saw blades and drive chains and gears and modifies them into one-of-a-kind pieces. Another piece, the subject of this video, is the piano table. A beautiful coffee table with the harp from an upright piano as its base.

Chris shot the footage himself on a PS digicam and I edited it into this film. The music was graciously provided by Josh Krajcik. I have been doing photo and media work for Chirs and the Oak Barrel Company for years now but this is the first video. More are planned so stay tuned!