Friday, May 15, 2009


LUND--It just occurred to me that a camera like the D3 ought to, in addition to the excellent feature of having slots for two CF cards, have a gigabyte or so of internal memory. This would serve several functions. It would allow one a significant amount of extra shooting when the regular cards were shot up in the heat of the moment. It would, in the same manner, give one that little extra bit if, in the field, you shot every bit of card space. And it would give the photographer a "secret" bit of storage if one were ever forced to give up one's memory cards or if one thought one was one could switch over to shooting on the internal memory. The feature, like almost everything else on the D3 could be customized and, given the amount of storage that can be fit on an SD card now, shouldn't have to take up much room.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mental Hospital

LUND--I am trying to find the structure of the fourth short film in the series on SARA's Transcarpathian projects. This is on the State Mental Hospital in the Carpathian mountains. I have a lot of good footage and even a lot of music as one of the activities at the institution is a music club. But almost all the narration and interviews are in Russian. I am hoping to complete this film before returning to the US in a little over a week, thus basically finishing the project before what promises to be a hectic and uncertain time!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Storm at Sunset Over Transcarpathia

LUND--It is difficult to explain how small one feels in Ukraine. On a sunny day one can see huge storms as they move towards you, huge banks of clouds and lightening flashes darkening a section of the horizon.

We were out, visiting different sites to film and had to drive into this one. I took several shots out the window before the rain hit. The light and feeling in the air was very similar to tornado weather in the American Midwest but the Ukrainians said they didn't have twisters. It seemed to me the perfect place for them. I wonder why.